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Thursday, March 18, 2010

im still here!!!!!!!!!!!!

is anyone there???????  i swear, im still around!!!!!!!!!

i havent forgotten any of you!!!!!!!!

im still workin it. 

im down a total of 17lbs.  not nearly enough to make me happy, but im stickin to it.

i did finish the 30 day shred with jillian michaels.  im very proud of myself for doing it. 
and have found that i LOOOOOOOOOVVEEEEEEEEEE getting up at 5am to work out.  i feel so freaking fantastic for the rest of the day.  it really is amazing.  i have only skipped 2 workouts since the beginning of feb. 

however, the results of the 30days with jillian really kind of disappointed me.  i lost more freaking weight before i started working out than i did in the 30 days with her.  sounds kinda fucked up to me.  i have a theory though, and i think that this is because this dvd is a lot of strength training.  and this dvd definitely toned more than burned fat. 

my mom says she can see in my midsection that the workouts are definitely working, so i keep at it.  plus i can see my biceps coming back!  woot!!!!!!

ive slacked on journaling my food though in the last couple weeks.  and im pissed at myself for that.

so, this past monday i started workin with the biggest loser cardio max dvd again.  and im excited to see what happens with it.  the last time i worked out and lost weight, this was my DVD......  this dvd ROCKED.  and im loving it so far.  i can feel it in places that jillians dvd did not touch.  so, awesome. 

hows everyone else out there doing???????  ive been so overwhelmed with school and work and my kids that i just have NOT had the moments free to get in touch with all my girls. 

i hope you are all kickin ass and takin names. 

Thursday, February 11, 2010

hey there good lookin.... been awhile...

holy shit. 

seriously?  i havent posted since jan 26?  good god i suck. 

and ive had all these awesome people commenting and talking to me and ive been so neglectful and just a really bad internet friend.

i sowwy.  you forgive me?  pwease???????

so, yea, life is effin busy.  like way busier than it should be.   and i have a sinus infection that is killing me slowly. 

so between the kids, work, school, new babies in my life, and feeling like complete ass, something had to get neglected, and well, i sorry, it was the internet. 

but, this lifestyle food change has been going quite well. 

i cant remember what i lost last week, but im down a hair over 12lbs now.  and thats JUST by changing what i eat & drinking a TONNNNNNNNNNNNN of water every day.  i have not exercised like at all. 

ok, i lied, i was on the elliptical for seriously 5 minutes once last week. 

no, im not kidding. 

and, since one of my BFFs IRL and i booked a trip to vegas for april, this skinny bitch wanna be has decided that i need to lose faster.  or at least tone it up while im at it.  cuz, really, 12lbs in a month is fantabulous, its like 3lbs a week averaged out, and i cannot complain. 

but its been a month, so i need to kick it up a notch.

sooooooooo, today??????

today im going to start letting jillian michaels kick my ass.  again. 

today is going to be day 1 of the 30 day shred program. 

i know what you're thinking..........  why today?  why start on a thursday for cripes sake right?  (thats what the BFF said when i was telling her the plan the other day anyway)

well, heres why.  im not a morning person.  ever.  but, in order to fully get the benefits of a 30day program, you have to work out all 30days right? 

well, tuesdays & wednesdays i cannot work out after work.  so that means i have to get my fat lazy sleepy ass off the couch at 5am and work out on those days. 

well, for someone thats used to being a slug, thats an insurmountable task. 


my theory is that if i workout in the evenings / days thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, and monday, ill be feelin pretty damn good by tuesday and will be more likely to say ok, i can DO THIS when that godforsaken alarm clock goes off at 5 on tuesday morning.  because im not gonna wanna ruin my 5 day streak. 

so, hopefully my internal pep talks are going to work. 

wish me luck bitches :)

i love you all and will seriously catch up & visit all of you soon. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

hi there!!!! remember me?????

i suck, i know.  im sorry!!!

but im still here...

and im kickin butt and takin names. 

translation --- im still watchin my calories, and i drink a metric ass ton of water daily. 

im struggling to get the water in on the weekend.  idk why that is.

but when im at work, i drink no less than 128oz of water during that 8 hour period. 

and i get another 40oz in once i get home. 

i only have 1 pop a day.  and its a diet one. 

this week i weighed in today instead of monday.  why?  because monday i felt all puffy and swollen and i just felt like poo. 

so i weighed in today. 

and HEYYYYYYYYYYY, im down another 4.7 taking me to 9lbs.  yayyyyyyyyyy


i do need to get into some work out routine, but im really just not that into it yet. 

ill get there.  for real.  just not ready yet.  too much craziness going on. 

i need to make this eating & water thing a true habit before i add in more stuff. 

hows everyone else doin out there????????

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

im late, im late, for a very important date...

so, yea, i suck.

ive been doing that thing that always bites me in the ASS. 


ive been avoiding posting because i didnt want to admit that i was highly upset @ the scale on monday.

i gained 5lbs from last week. 

5 fucking pounds.  WTF.

im still down 5, but come ON.

however, in my defense, i know the following things:

1) i should not have weighed in last week after 12 hours of really nasty flu. 
2)  AF is arriving this week and the bitch always brings extra fluid with her
3) i watch the BL,  i KNOW week 2 sucks. 
4)  i did not work out much, except 1 day. 
5)  my boyfriend took us out to dinner saturday night, and even tho i tried to be good, when i logged the food, it was WAAYYYYY bad. 

so, im back to kicking ass & taking names this week. 

and earlier this week, from another bloggy buddy at Our Favorite Things, I found this website, and thats my plan.  I wanna try it. 

hopefully next week, i will be relating GOOD news!

also, i got an awesome award from Dual Mom and I need to do that post....  which i will.....  hopefully tomorrow!!!!!!

hopefully you all are having a better week than me!!!!

question for you:
ARE THE WORTH THE $120???????????

go see my buddies:

Friday, January 15, 2010

getting the word out

in my quest to lose weight, ive often forgotten how serious things like eating disorders are.

but they are.

they kill.

go here, and read this post, and see what you can do to help.  

its not about money, its about awareness.  

go help a  bloggy  friend in anyway you can.  


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What I Meant to Say Wednesday

Joining in on Chief's awesome blog carnival




When you so nicely offered me some of that high fat, high calorie crap you brought into the office, and i politely said no thank you....

What I meant to say??



When I walked into Subway and you said "hi what can we get for you today" and i said " a 6" veggie on wheat"?

What I meant to say???



When you guys encourage the continuation of the diet / lifestyle change...  I say thank you...

what i meant to say???


to infinity and beyond. 


So, yea, go see Chief & join in the awesome fun!!!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

OH HOT DAMN!!!!!!!

so, in the midst of being sicker than a dog, i weighed in today.

and i am happier than a puppy with two peckers.  

yes, you read that right ;)

my hardwork has paid off!!!!!!!!!

9.7lbs bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fuck yea!!!!!!!

i still feel pretty much like a bag of smashed assholes, so im gonna leave it at that.  

i owe my ass a pedicure sometime this week :)

off to take some more drugs and sleeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppp

love you all.  
thank you so much for the support!!!!!
you really make it easier.